pajama dressing - yes or no?

this is one of those trends i am super on-the-fence about being completely committed to. to be honest, i was leaning more towards ignoring the fact that several notable designers incorporated this look into their spring 2011 collection (marc jacobs, rodarte, louis vuitton, galliano). HOWEVER, when i saw the last look, (tied robe with a nice button up underneath) i actually fell in love. i think the key is pairing the pajama look with not pajama-like pieces to avoid looking as if you rolled right out of bed. first of all, when you choose to go for this look you should make sure you also choose to have a fixed hairstyle. the more unkempt your hair and makeup looks, the more bedroom-ly you become . . . especially when wearing the matching pants and bottoms like in the white and blue outfit at the beginning of the third image. also, i have to make perfectly clear that this on the fence review does NOT include the silk gowns/slips. there is nothing more sexy than a all silk/satin slip worn as a night time dress with heels and a clutch. to see other ways to wear your slips, click here. but what do you guys think? are you in or are you out? kiss kiss- i think i'm in!

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