Everybody's favorite Rock & Roll supermodel is getting married tomorrow (July1)! What better way to recognize all of this hype than by posting one of my favorite Kate Moss Vogue editorials (Paris Vogue April 2008)? I honestly will never get enough of the leather and fringe and wide leg pant look. also, just in case anyone was wondering, Kate will be a wedding dress made by John Galliano. you should go peep her dress & read about additional wedding details here. xoxo my mossy sweets! 

06292011 / Witch Doctor Today

6. Witch Doctor via Fashiolista 

have a good wednesday night, sweets! xoxo

sunny side up!

had the most beautiful time with my sweets today. lounged around this blue and golden saltwater pool and spent time just being a girl. these girls are the very first of the witch doctors. plus there were gardens all around and the flowers were fresh and blooming. jess' pup freckles was hanging and swimming with us and it was so darling. days like these are why i love the summer time. yes. so good. you've seen jess before from my vegas photo journal and kacey before from her NEON outfit that was so on point. kiss kiss & girl power!

how to get the poolside look: 
my golden wire glasses, click here. my side-tie bikini, click here
jessica's black sunglasses, click here. jessica's tube bikini, click here.
kacey's neon sunglasses, click here. kacey's poppy colored bathingsuit, click here


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