flower power

(click each photo to enlarge)

remember how i was just talking about having drinks with my friend meagan and how we need to support each others artwork and projects? well, here is meagan long's most recent work. how beautiful & feminine and delicate are these photographs? the bright colors, the floral dress against the real life flowers, the tutu around jordan's head (because honestly, who can wear a baby tutu and look absolutely stunning? jordan abraham.) oh and my personal favorite . . . THE YELLOW JUMPER MY BEAUTY FRIEND ALLIE IS WEARING. i was watching meagan style the shoot and when she whipped out the yellow jumpsuit i knew i would love the photos before i even saw them. brilliant! you've also seen jordan model for WITCH DOCTOR before here. kiss kiss! keep the girl power coming, meg!  you blow my mind every time your photographs are posted. loves!

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