the flower of carnage

last night, over a few drinks, my dear friend meagan and i talked about the importance of supporting each other and working together to become one force, a dynamic group of people who are creating and making art always. it's something this town needs, a backbone that's screaming to never slow down, never stop pushing for more. i'm going to start posting all of my friends work so you guys can see the things they are doing as well. this particular post is featuring QUAN MAI'S the flower of carnage. these are the most incredible images. the styling, the photography, the design, everything! plus lina is one of my greatest friends so naturally i think he couldn't have picked a more beautiful model. look at her hispanic flava-flave in that hip swing in the second to last image! boom! you have seen Quan's work before here, and lina's film here. they are both moving/have moved to new york to follow their dreams and i couldn't think of a more inspiring situation even if i wanted to. the big apple better watch out!

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