our mountain

Absolutely love this spread in April/May RUSSH Magazine. Abbey Lee always has a way of looking effortlessly cool. Plus i'd say this is always my go-to outfit. Leopard coat, rock n roll boots and black pants that fit like a glove. Which reminds me, on the way home from the mountains, my sweet friend Jessica wanted to stop in the Gap to pick up some jeans she's had her eye on and . . . Pause. Backstory: many many months ago I suggested an idea for a specialty pant to Dov Charney during one of the American Apparel conference calls.  I have been impatiently waiting and waiting for them to make these pants. The idea of the pant was much like the tap shorts. (which american apparel already makes - you can see the shorts here) What's so great is that the zipper on the side of them so the front of your pants/stomach is always looking flatter than ever! For this past fall/winter all i wanted was a pants version that were cut something like Uma Thurmon's in Pulp Fiction while she was doing the twist. perhaps a little tighter in the ankle but you get the point. Anyways, Resume. I found the pants of my dreams at The Gap! Who knew! I'll be looking like Abbey Lee in no time! xo

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