just a few things

1) i'd like to cut my hair into a long bob and i think i'm doing it this week, probably tomorrow.

2) i tried/made a new parfait mash-up and it is quite delicious. bananas, grahams, vanilla yogurt, cinnamon. paired with brewing the season's pumpkin spice coffee it is even better.

3) lately my favorite thing to do is dog walk and listen to my ipod. now i get why lina's life is ruling so much, aside from currently living in new york. beautiful music while the leaves are swirling. early in the morning with my coffee and later in the day while the sun is red. i've noticed taking some time to really think makes my whole life a lot happier.

4) my decision making is allowing me to start traveling more, very soon. i'm beginning to think i really need it. i wanna see so much of this world.

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