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i'm at the coffee shop catching up on my style.com trends for this fall, specifically how mixed prints and fabrics are so huge right now. i love how this concept because it really allows you to be creative with your style while putting a VERY fine line between a hot mess and a beautiful creation. i mean, we've all seen "mixed prints" go wrong. however, when done right, a nice mixed print ensemble boldly states "i was intentional with this outfit, i'm knowledgeable about fashion and fabrics, and i'm suuuuuuuuper withit (ALL AT ONCE)." these are some of my favorite images from this fall's shows. 

1) acquilano rimondi - as we all know, rust is one of this falls biggest colors. with that said, i am super thankful for the fashion lords deciding this because its one of my favorite colors meaning i already have a lot of it! already a step ahead without spending more money thank GOD.

2. fendi - we'll have to save the psychedelic fur trend for an entirely different post closer to fall time because as you all know, the Witch Doctor is head over heels in love with fur and it would simply be a tease to rant about the different furs i'd like to wear in the middle of the summer heat.

3. roberto cavalli - again, we'll have to save my thought on this fall's cavalli for another post (which will be published much sooner than the psychedelic fur one) because literally, once again, cavalli has captivated me by his flowing fringe, fur and animal print runway show. this time the colors are a lot darker, making it (i feel) a more classy look. 

4. rodarte - for all of the "mixed print" beginners: start mixing blacks and whites. you literally, cannot go wrong. this honestly makes me think of my friend sara out in vegas (not that she is a fashion "beginner" by any means), wearing a long polka dot skirt with a striped (or floral, i cant remember exactly) dress on top to make it a mixed print, long layered flowing gown and it was simply to die for. i think that is such a smart way to mix prints and i have admittedly incorporated the look into my wardrobe since. 

5. etro - again, because of the poppy/orange colored pants, i was in love with this look. it does make me happy to see some bright colors still coming down the runway during fall shows. that nude, curly fur lamb jacket is also, well, a must have for me this fall. be on the lookout for the Witch Doctor in it! 

what are your favorites? holla atcha girl!
xoxo my sweets!

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